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Global Educators' Organization (GEO)

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Special Interest Groups



Introduction to GEO SIGs

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are communities composed of members who would want to focus on a particular field of interest. Each SIG generally aims to:

  1. promote awareness on issues pertaining to their field
  2. discuss and share ideas through SIG events such as webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences
  3. update members and offer solutions to certain issues in their field
  4. report activities and assessments to the main organization

List of Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group Chairs
English Language Education Arlene S. Opina, Ph.D.
Math Education Click here to apply.
Science Education Click here to apply.
Neuroscience in Education Pearl Ilustre, M.A. Ed.
Research in Education Arlene S. Opina, Ph. D.
International Training Jeanneath Velarde, Ph. D.
Mother Tongue Click here to apply.
Social Studies Click here to apply.
Values Education Click here to apply.
Music Click here to apply.
Arts Click here to apply.
Physical Education Click here to apply.
Business Education Prof. Sharan Shetty
Young Global Educators' Organization Pearl Ilustre, M.A. Ed.
Law Education Atty. SherealFerrer-Vicho
Basic Education OIC- Pearl Ilustre, M.A. Ed.
Click here to apply.
Higher Education OIC- Arlene S. Opina, Ph. D.
Click here to apply.

Join/Suggest a SIG

GEO welcomes suggestions on how to better serve the global education community by empowering members to collaborate in Special Interest Groups. Become a member and be a part of gradual transformations of educational contexts all over the world. To join a SIG, send an email to

For suggestions on additional SIGs, application is open. Send your SIG proposal with the following information to

Suggested SIG Title:
A brief background on the suggested field/group (Limit to 150 words):
Proposed events/activities:
Suggested/Recommended by:

About GEO

GEO’s main feature is to provide quality programs, materials, references, and training for educators. GEO believes in the principle of collaboration in education to achieve widespread improvement in educational settings all over the world.

GEO Short Courses

English Proficiency
Workplace English
Technical Writing
Research Writing
Conversational English
Pronunciation Training
Neuroscience in Education -Preparing Brain-friendly Lessons

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